Arab Group Against the Emigration of Arab Christians



The Arab Group Against the Emigration of Arab Christians was formed in Amman, Jordan in 2011. Composed of primarily Muslim intellectuals, but also Arab clergymen, politicians and journalists, the Group's main goal is to highlight the increasing departure of Arab Christians from all over the Arab world. Imagine the Holy Lands without their followers. Imagine sites of worships turning into neglected tombs.

The departure of Arab Christians has traditionally focused on Historical Palestine and East Jerusalem. However, with the inception of the so-called Arab Spring, such a departure risks becoming a systemic problem throughout the Arab world.

The Group's Document to address the Migration of Arab Christians outlines the position of moderate Muslims regarding their Christian counterparts, emphasizing the importance of retaining Arab Christians in their birthplace. Arab Christians have always shared an historic status with their Muslim brethren as members of the Arab world. Subsequently, the Document sets out the definition of Arab Christians as equal citizens of the Arab World, whose full status must be recognized by all governments as on par with that of their Islamic partners. Authored by Muslim scholars, the Document recognizes Christians as an integral part of the Arab region.

The English text of the Document is available here, along with a list of signatories.

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